Friday, September 5, 2014

Chase Your Dreams

Dreams. Hopes. Wishes.  We all have them but do we really go after what we want?  I think it's too easy to make excuses so we don't have to work harder for what we really want.  Or maybe we think those things are just way too far out of our grasp.  That they only happen to 'those people' (inserting whatever phrase you would typically use here).  But the reality is that you will never know if you can accomplish something if you don't ever try.  We only get one chance at this life thing, people, and we never know when that chance is up.  I'm a true believer in the 'Bucket List' and I don't think that you should wait until there is a tentative time stamp on your life to begin one.  Where does it say that you shouldn't start to check off those things on your bucket list when you are in your 20s?  I sure wish someone would have planted that thought in my head way back in my 20s. 
Now don't get me wrong here...  I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't be grateful for what you have nor for what you are given.  I just want you to stop and think... Is there SOMETHING that you want to chase but are too afraid to take that leap?  I encourage you to take off after that dream... See where it takes you!

Greeting card with blue butterfly and stamping

This card reminds me of my niece.  She's in her teens now but when she was very little, she would go over to her grandparents' house and chase the butterflies... What a wonderful way to spend the day... In a beautiful flower bed of Lantana standing taller than your head, chasing pretty butterflies...  Thank you, Kelsey, for that awesome memory!

Now go have a wonderful crafty day,


  1. This is really nice, Bonnie! Great job with the color challenge and such a sweet story about your niece!