Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Greeting card using patterned paper and stamps

I absolutely love how this card turned out in the end!  BUT... let me just tell you that I struggled SEVERAL days with this one!  Do you guys ever do that?  Start out with a general design in mind... or a color scheme in mind?  Then nothing... and I mean NOTHING that you put together seems to make you happy?  I HATE when that happens!  I am going to tell you my little secret to this problem... I just walk away!  Leave the card or scrapbook layout or whatever it is that you are struggling with together as much as you can on the table and just walk away from it.  Glance at it as you go by and see if it looks good to you.  Sometimes I am just too close to the project.  Getting up and moving around will give me a different perspective... helps me see the project differently.

The card that I made looks amazing in real life but the picture just doesn't do it justice.

I have a LOT of others things that I want to share with you, if I can just find the time... And keep a computer alive long enough.  Hopefully, there is a new laptop in my near future!

So that's all for me right now.  Now go have a wonderful crafty day...

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