Sunday, February 22, 2015

Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies (and Some Flowers)

I am loving me some Butterflies right now...  Well, I love real butterflies all the time but the ones that I am referring to are crafting butterflies...

Lots of butterflies and flowers...

Happy Birthday card with Butterfly

Thinking of You using Butterfly and Inlay technique

Just for You using butterfly die and Inlay technique

How 'bout the two gorgeous cards above??  I used a faux watercolor technique.  I just simply took a piece of white cardstock (big enough to cover the butterfly die cut), some of my favorite ink colors, a few sponges and blended the inks randomly all over the white cardstock piece.  I then glued the inked piece to the back of my mat, making sure to cover the opening completely.  Then it was just a matter of securing the butterfly die cut back into the hole.  They are both adhered a little differently.  The top one is glued all the way down.  I then added some rhinestones for the body.  You can't really tell it from the picture but the bottom card has TWO die cut butterflies on the card.  There is a yellow one that is glued all the way down and then the top black butterfly is only attached at the center body.  The rest of it flies freely (grins)... I added a button and some baker's twine to the body of this butterfly. 

On to some more fun... Here are the three more projects that I completed...

Greeting card using rose stencil, peach roses, and happy birthday

Greeting card using peach roses, rose overlay, and sentiment stamp

Birthday box using peach roses, doily, stamp

Well, I hope you enjoyed the projects that I shared with you.  I know I sure enjoyed doing them!  It's a great day when you can spend it doing something that makes you smile...

Now go have a wonderful crafty day!

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