Friday, August 1, 2014

Leaf Card

It's been a couple of crazy days around my house!  We have taken FIVE LOADS to our local Goodwill drop box...  We've been in this same house for a little over 24 years now.  I think that can be good and bad...  It's nice to know that 'home' is always home but it's a lot easier to declutter everything if you MOVE every five years or so.

We worked hard on the shop and the utility room by the back patio on Wednesday and Thursday.  Alex has been doing a great job on the shop.  Finishing the mud on the drywall... getting it ready to paint... That has not been an easy task.

I took a break today... not feeling well!  I think that I got way too hot yesterday... I was outside in the heat most of the afternoon while Alex and I worked on the little utility room.  It was very hot and humid here.  Nice today... wish we would've waited until this afternoon.  We checked the temperature this afternoon when we went for a coffee break- 82 degrees... We rode with the windows down and I took my little furbaby, Fred.  He LOVED it...

I sat down at my table and worked on a quick card.  I stamped these leaves a few days ago and fussy cut them out, distressed the edges (I'm not sure if you will actually be able to see that or not) with my fingernail and then curled them just a little bit to give some dimension.  The vellum quote is one from an old pack that I've had forever... I'm trying to use some of my stuff up... I have enough to last me many, many lifetimes!  You guys know, right??

So here's my card for today... I'm not sure what I will be working on next... hmmmm, the possibilities!

Handmade greeting card with stamped saying

I hope you enjoyed today's project!

Now go have a wonderful crafty day,

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