Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Termite Inspection

We survived the termite inspection!  I know that sounds ridiculous but I get pretty stressed out at just the thought of a stranger going through my house with a fine toothed comb... Or rather a bright flashlight!  Looking in all your closets and at your baseboards... Behind the furniture that hasn't been moved in many years... The poor fellow was extremely nice though.  He even remembered inspecting my mom and dad's house last week.  We had a short conversation, as he was getting started, about how much he enjoyed talking with my dad and that he could have stayed there all day talking with him!  Awwww... That just warmed my heart and the rest of the inspection went really smooth!

I wanted to sit down and work on some card challenges tonight but unfortunately, as part of the cleaning up for the termite inspection, I had put away almost all of my tools, paper, etc.  If my knee wasn't giving me a fit, I would just get it all back out.  That's just not going to happen tonight... I can barely even get around.  I'm going to end up having surgery on this knee before it's over with... I keep hoping that I can make it just a littte bit longer.  I don't know... The pain is starting to get unbearable!

I hope all of you had a great start to your week...

Now go have a wonderful crafty day,

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