Sunday, March 22, 2015

Up Against A Brick Wall

This project might look very involved and well, I'm not going to lie, it is a little more involved than a normal one layer card BUT you can do this... I promise!  I'm going to walk you through it step-by-step...

First of all, let's take a look at the finished card.  Here it is 'propped' up with the fallen bricks.
Greeting card to look like a brick wall with fallen bricks on the grass

And here it is fully closed.  (Sorry about the quality of the picture on this one.  I actually forgot to take a picture of this one until I was doing the blog post.  By then, it was late and no natural light.)
Showing sentiment on the wall

It's an Easel Card and they are soooo easy to produce!  I'm going to teach you to make an Easel Card in ANY SIZE you want.  And you won't have to remember any exact measurements.  Deal?  Well then, let's get started...

For the base of the card.  The Easel part.  You only have to remember a couple of things and I'm going to explain that AFTER you make this base.

  •  8 1/2 x 11 Cardstock
  •  8 1/2 side across the top of trimmer.  Cut at 4 1/4.  This gives you two equal size cards.  Set one aside to use at a later date.
  • 11" across the top of trimmer or scoreboard.  Score @ 5 1/2".
  • 11" still across the top.  Score @ 2 3/4".
  • Now crease you folds and you have completed the base!

Here is a side view so you can see how the base should make the triangle when folded properly.
Propped up easel card

Easy Tip Insert:
Now let me tell you how to use any size cardstock.  On the longest size, score in half.  Then score one of those halves in half. Voila!  There you have it... Your base!  From there you would just complete it as if making a regular card.  The only difference is that your top mat (or what would be the front of the normal card) will not get glued all the way down.  It is only glued to the folded over part.

Now, back to the slightly more complicated card above.  Set your base aside.  We are going to work on the mats.

The bottom mat (the one that looks like grass here)...
Cut you paper to 4 x 5 1/4.  Keeping in mind that the TOP of your mat will be the 4" size, make sure the orientation of your paper is correct.  Place adhesive on the back and put it on the bottom of your Easel Base.

The top mat (the one that looks like a brick wall)...
Cut you paper to the same as above 4 x 5 1/4.  Again, keeping in mind that the top of your mat will be the 4" size, make sure the orientation of your paper is correct.

Easy Tip Insert:
If you were making a normal rectangle top Easel card without the fancy curved edge, then this would be your finished size.  Decorate your card however you wish from here.

You need something to shape the top of your brick wall into a curve.  I'm going to be honest, I used a small plate.  You could use a can, circle framelits, freehand... It really doesn't matter what you use.  I say the simpler, the better.  So go ahead and cut your curve.  You don't need to cut much off, just get the curve how you like it.  Or hey, you could do it square!  Nobody says this part HAS to be curved...  This part is all just preference.  SAVE THAT CUT OFF CURVED PIECE!  We will be using it in a minute to give the card a completed look.

Time to stamp your sentiment!!  Just center up and stamp...

Now that you have your curve (or not and you have stamped your sentiment, we are going to work on the rowlock.  If you have some bricks that you can use in the pieces that you cut off, then you can use that.  DO NOT use the curved piece that you cut off.  You will be adhering this to the top of the front (so that when the card is closed it will look like a brick wall behind the rowlock.)  If not, grab a full sheet and cut off about two rows (across the short side).  We are going to be cutting half-size bricks.  When I did mine, I tried to leave some of the bricks with mortar on both sides and some of the bricks had no mortar.  After you get about 20 (I used 18 but your count will depend on your curve.  Just use however many you need.) half-size bricks cut, then cut dimensionals  into halves and place all along the curve.

Hand cut bricks to make a curved top of wall

Place your brick halves along the curve, adhering them to the dimentionals or shaker frame adhesive strips (I also placed just a tiny bit of liquid glue on the back of my bricks for strength).  So that you can utilize the brick halves without mortar, use the following order:  brick with mortar, brick without mortar, brick with mortar, etc.  My half bricks were a mix... Some had mortar on both sides, some no mortar, some only on one side.  Just do whatever you think looks good.  There is no right or wrong here.  After your rowlock is done across the top, you can adhere your brick wall onto the Easel Base.  Set your grass down, then fold over your base so that you can make sure where you are adhering the brick wall.  It's easy to get confused.  Don't feel bad about actually setting the card up to adhere the wall.  Better safe, than sorry...

Hand cut bricks glued on grass paper to resemble fallen bricks

The fallen bricks (or leftover ones from the construction)...
Again, a mix of bricks. Some full size, some half bricks.  You DO want to leave mortar on all edges here, though, because they are very visible down there all by themselves!  Figure out where you want your brick wall to stop and place a light pencil mark where the bricks will get glued down.  You just need a general idea.  You can adjust with that second stacked brick on top.  Using dimensionals or shaker frame strips and liquid glue, place your first bricks down haphazardly but making sure you are at your pencils marks.  You can 'prop' your brick wall up and check to make sure you have a good fit where your bricks are currently.  Once you get that first set on the ground, you can 'prop' your wall up and adjust with your second stack.

You should be good to go now.  You can place a sentiment on the grass if you wish.  I decided not to because I wanted my fallen bricks to be the focal point.  Again, it's all preference...

I don't think that I left anything out but this card is probably better suited to a video tutorial.  Maybe I'll have to do that.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Now go have a wonderful crafty day!

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